Yoga. Herbal wisdom. Nourishing wholeness.

As a teacher of yoga my intention is to co-create a space that invites people into a deeper experience of themselves. I teach theme-inspired and alignment focused classes infused with play and lots of smiles…I believe your smile is a superpower! As an herbalist, I focus on nourishing and nutritive plants and I get silly excited by connecting people to their green allies!

Nature inspires me. It speaks to my spirit. It reveals my inner wisdom and intuition. It reminds me that it is our birthright to be connected to this planet and all of her creatures. It calls to my wild and indigenous soul that longs to live in rhythm with the natural pulsation of the earth, always.

Society doesn’t make living close to the land and in her rhythm easy. I am continually called to simplify life in order to ebb and flow with the tide, ride the waves of the moon, and breathe (and eat) with the seasons.

You can find me attending classes, workshops, and festivals to further my own studies as a devoted student and teacher of this practice. I am also in year two of an herbal apprenticeship through Sky House Herbal School and continue convening with plants and deepening my relationship to them daily


I’ve enhanced my meditation experience from Alyson - one session actually changed my life. Her preparation, her themes- she introduced the Yamas and Niyamas to me. In Alyson’s class I began to discover that yoga is so much more than just the asanas. Alyson, in sharing her path of yoga with me, has inspired me to commit to and travel on my own path of yoga.
I love taking Aly’s classes, she is so knowledgeable and has a way of conveying that knowledge in a way that is refreshing and calming. Her voice transcends you to a very happy peaceful place that makes life better.
I fell in love with Alyson’s teaching style while taking her yoga classes at Beloved Yoga [in Reston, Virginia]. She honors where you are and has a generous and kind disposition. I then took 2 of her four week Plant and Yoga series. The classes were small and intimate and so lovely. She is an amazing person and being in her company makes you feel better.
Aly’s Vinyasa classes are clear, challenging yet accessible for all, and inspiring. She was one of the teachers who inspired me to enter the teacher training program and become a teacher myself!
I find Aly to be very in touch with the depth of life that is most important but that I tend to gloss by in my daily life. She is enlightning and informative. I love all the plant information. I had no idea there were so many, what their purpose is and how beautiful they are. I find her writing always interesting. She is also an excellent yoga instructor!