The Complete Set of Chakra Teas!


The Complete Set of Chakra Teas!


The complete line of chakra tea blends. These blends are specifically formulated to support and balance the physical, emotional, & spiritual energy of each chakra. The plants have been selected based on their physical actions on the body, their energetics, their color, and their spiritual medicine.

Muladhara Blend: organic dandelion root, organic astragalus root, organic eluthero root, organic ginger root, organic goji berries, organic schisandra berries, & organic licorice root

Svadisthana Blend: organic calendula flowers, organic orange peel, organic damiana, organic shatavari, organic oatstraw, organic elder flowers, organic cinnamon, & organic licorice root

Manipura Blend: organic chamomile flowers, organic lemon balm, organic nettle, organic ginger root, organic lemongrass, organic lemon peel, organic cardamom pods, & organic marshmallow root

Anahata Blend: organic hawthorn leaf, flower & berry, organic holy basil rama, organic rose petals, organic linden leaf & flower, organic hibiscus, organic cinnamon, organic rosehips, & organic stevia

Vishuddha Blend: organic slippery elm bark, organic wild cherry bark, organic fennel, organic orange peel, organic cinnamon chips, organic elder berries, & organic ginger root

Ajna Blend: organic spearmint, organic jasmine, organic oatstraw, organic rosehips, organic lavender & organic stevia leaf

Sahasrara Blend: organic blackberry leaf, organic red clover flowers, organic lavender flowers, organic passionflower, organic ginkgo leaf, organic vanilla pod powder, & organic stevia leaf

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