Dancing the Threshold

 The great Celtic philosopher and poet John O'Donohue wrote and spoke of the sacred threshold in human life between the visible world and the invisible world. The visible is what we see - furniture, cars, art, animals, trees, other faces... The invisible world is the unseen forces and energies that include some of the central realities and needs in the human life - breath, wind, sound, imagination, beauty, love... In order to live a life of interiority, he said, one must learn to dwell in both worlds or skillfully dance between them and value the learning acquired in each equally as ways of knowing.
   We need both worlds. The visible brings the world to us. It helps us find our direction. When we dwell too long in the visible world we limit our connection to the invisible, and our minds create myths of deprivation, lack, and smallness. We get trapped by the story that our source of energy, abundance, and belonging somehow lives outside of us. Our modern world has a general lack of respect for the invisible because the visible has become and remains the principle human source of information about the world.
   My "normal" was recently blessed by a couple of days with the ocean. Time immersed in nature always reminds me of this threshold. The visible world offers me the entry point to the invisible world. I see the ocean in its vastness, in its magnanimity, and then I feel. I hear the sound and I feel the wind and the stillness inside of me and I am reminded of our connection. 
   This is where we practice yoga asana - in the threshold. We move in the visible body, align visible bones and engage visible muscles and then we are invited in. The visible becomes the shoreline of the invisible world. We move with our breath, we align our energy, and we engage our interior space. We begin to listen to the guidance that is always being transmitted from our inner knowing and align our actions with that. The dance of this threshold is throwing us into awakening and surrendering simultaneously and it is here where we cultivate our greatest kindness, compassion, and respect for ourselves and all of life.
   In my contemplation this week I have been asking a few questions... Where am I getting hijacked by the visible? Where am I no longer seeing it as the shoreline to the invisible invitation? How am I proactive in the ways that I metabolize the visible? How can I surrender more into the ways the invisible world informs my life?

Quoting Rumi - "we've been walking in the surf holding our robes up, when we should be diving naked under, & deeper under..."

Wild Pesto Magic

Wild Pesto 

This might drive a few of you nuts...the recipe that follows requires your willingness to explore, play & create. I eyeball EVERYTHING, taste the magic & mix until its to my liking.  I invite you to do the same. 

Step 1: Gather your greens

  • my faves: chickweed, garlic mustard & dandelion greens 

  • I always add kale & basil or cilantro 

Step 2: Clean your greens & add to food processor
Steph 3: Crush a few garlic cloves & a handful of almonds, walnuts or pine nuts & add to food processor
Step 4: Pulse & scrape the sides; pulse & scrape the sides...etc.
Step 5: Once the mixture is good and chunky slowly pour in olive oil or your favorite oil (i'm sure there are plenty of oils that could be lovely)
Step 6: pulse in pecorino romano or parmesan cheese  &/or lemon zest (optional)
Step 7: Serve. This pesto can stand on its own as a spread for crackers or can be added to any recipe that calls for pesto!  Add salt & any spices to taste.